Ingrid & Peter, The Netherlands

In mid-December Ingrid did the initiation (I already did the initiation in March) and we both started the water diet. The day of initiation was a day of measurements of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. Besides that there was coaching and of course the initiation of Kay (and in my case a healing ).

Our water diet started the day after the initiation. This first day was the longest day. We noticed that food, or eating moments, divides the day into pieces and moments that we unconsciously lived for. By not having these moments, the day felt endless. In the days that followed, the detox started to increase.
We both noticed that we were colder and our energy was less. In addition we both had growing pains in our hips and legs, as we knew from when we were young, and Ingrid got a runny nose on one side for a few days. I needed more sleep and could hardly tolerate anything from the TV, laptop or radio.

On the second health-test at the center, our values ​​were measured again and we received extra coaching and healing . Kay told us that at the end of the 7
th day the transformation would be. And so it happened at the given times. I noticed a small shock and goosebumps all over my body.
At the 8th day we got up and we were allowed to eat again. This was very strange, but it felt good. Especially because it reduced the detox and we had more energy during the day to go out.

The last day at the center, all measurements were taken again and we received our last healing and coaching . The values showed what the transformation had done at all levels. Although we hadn't eaten, our bodies were in a better condition than before and our aura was completely changed.

The process continued in the following months. Looking at the food, we mainly eat in the evenings. Especially savory and sweet products and basically everything we wants. Also with no limits and large quantities.
Now 3 months later we both notice that this is changing. The urge subsides and the need for sweetness decreases.
Physically we feel well. We are less cold and get more energy. We also notice that our sugar level is constant all day long. We no longer experience a dip, not even because of the large amount of sugars that we sometimes consume.

Much has changed emotionally and mentally. In the early days after the initiation we felt very powerful and were able to see what the transformation has done to us. This powerful feeling is now somewhat less consciously present, but we feel an enormous enthusiasm and liveliness in us. And time for innovation. We have quit our jobs and are looking for another home. It looks like we took off an old coat and are now in an intermediate phase to put on a new one. One that is more aligned with our higher Self.

Ingrid & Peter, The Netherlands.
Transformation - December 2019