Floris, 35 years, Holland

For me living on light felt like a natural next step on my path. Just came out of a relationship of 12 years where we separated out of love. I was looking to experience the wholeness in nothing. From the Tai chi and Qi Gong lessons I give as my work, the theory is that everything starts from nothing and ends in nothing as a cycle. All is energy, frequencies and that we can manifest everything out of that. For me it felt logical that this way we should be able to nourish ourselves with this chi. But how?

In an interview on earthmatters with Julie I learned about the seminar in Denmark. Kay managed to make this transformation and with the initiation also have my brain and body ready for living on light. I was very pleased with the intens guidance from the Lotus health centre team. Also could very much use the healings, acupuncture, homeopathy and coaching. One of the main themes for me was letting go of the patterns and control from my thinking, the left side of the brain. In the last months the phrase "We are not human doings, but human beings" crossed my mind a lot. I can just be, don't have to do anything. Listening to "Let it be" from the Beatles also helped me with this.

The 11 days water diet was a very intens and tough experience. Never felt so low on energy, it all went to the detox. There were days I just stayed in bed all day long, doing nothing. Wondering where did I start with...? Later on I realized this was needed to just accept that it is okay to do nothing if I feel like that.

After the water diet I was so happy to have more choices then boiled or cold water and able to eat anything I like. I had created a new diet of chocolate and ice cream. My stool wasn't prepared for that though, so after some pains I also started eating prunes after the ice cream. Just working it all out and let go of all the thoughts about it. That I can give time to settle in my system.

After a few days of eating I got hit by a car on my bike and bruised the right side of my body. As this correspondance with my left side of the brain, I realized I got more help to just let go of the thinking and accepting that I don't have to do anything. Pity though it came with a lot of pain, but also that I just had to accept and experience.

Now it is a month after the initiation and the bruises heal nicely and yesterday I was able to swim for the first time. Didn't move a lot lately and were already happy to give most of my lessons. The swimming was mind blowing. I usually only swim about 4 times back and forth and get tired soon as I don't had a very good endurance. Now I didn't feel like getting tired at all. I was able to keep on swimming and swimming. My mind very busy not understanding it. Kay told me that he could do physical work all day without getting tired, but would that also apply to me in time? After like 30 times swimming back and forth I didn't feel like swimming anymore and went out of the pool, not even feeling a muscle or heavy breathing...

I realize there are many things to learn and experience in this new way of living and am happy that I have the freedom to choose to eat whenever I like, without feeling hungry. Also choose to
do whatever I feel like, it will take time to adapt and I am giving myself that time :-). Like to share a warm embrace for everyone that helped me and is still helping me with this beautiful proces.

Floris, 35 years old, Holland
Transformation - February 2016