Male, anonymous, age 52 years

My answers upon the Living on Light seminar!

• How did you first hear about the Living on Light phenomenon, and what was your immediate reaction?
My new girlfriend, told me she did the Living on Light seminar in 2016 and I heard about it in maybe january 2017, but I got really interested in april 2017 after attending the "Satsang" in het Veerhuis in Varik, Netherlands, after hearing Kay Hougaard and came back the next day for an initiation!

• How was your process during the temporary Water Diet? Were you comfortable along the way, and did you get all the support you needed?
My water diet took 10 days, and I found it surprisingly that I didn't miss food! Well did the detoxing process that took place, surprised me with different emotions and sometimes small pains, every day differently! It was important to do the grounding exercises or go for a walk! I used the tips I got on the second control day (after 5 days)

• How did your body physically react to the detox process during the Water Diet?
• My body reacted well, but sometimes I had a very low energy level, and another day I did nordic walking 6.5 km!

• What happened during the Water Diet - emotionally and mentally?
• Emotionally; I made a lot of jokes about eating food, like for instance; Honey please bake me some more eggs for breakfast (while having the first glass of water in the morning) or; please pass me the mayonaise for the French fries (while having a glass of water in the evening), the humor helped me in water diet process. Mentally ; i knew it was for a good course, immediately a better health through the detoxing and on the long run less food independancy (you can live on water or in the most ideal circumstance just on energy from the universe), so that made me stick to the plan not to eat anything!

• How many days were you on the temporary Water Diet?
• 10 Days

• Did you experience anything during the Transformation?
• I felt some "warmth and pleasant feelings" at that specific hour!

• What is it like to be eating again? Have you experienced some interesting changes?
• I prefer to eat a little certainly not to much!!! But almost everything tastes better!! Some foods do not interest me so much anymore if they don't fit me in my blood type diet (It now makes sense why I had problems with them in the past, like food hangovers, and sometimes even health problems!) Experience by doing, every body is different!

• How has family, friends and colleagues reacted to your Living on Light process?
• My colleage at work doesn't understand completely my food changes, but respects it. My relation is living on light also and is proud of me! I didn't tell my mother everything, she would worry to much.

Male, anonymous, age 52 years, The Netherlands
Transformation - May 2017